Summer Holidays

Have a fabulous summer everyone!

School starts for students on Tuesday September 4th, 2018


School Registration

New students can register for the 2018/2019 year on August 27 & 28, 2018.

Registration Form

Grade 7 Orientation

The new grade 7s are invited to a " PLRS Welcome Activity Event" on Thursday August 30, 2018 from 1:00 -3:00 pm at Pigeon Lake Regional School. There will be activities, games, pizza and lots of fun! Please let PLRS know if you will be attending. Any questions, call 780 352 4916.

School Calendar

See the new 2018-19 school calendar here

Storefront School

Pigeon Lake Storefront School is a learning center that provides off campus programming for students looking for a flexible schedule, student desiring to get back to school or looking to take on a few courses.

Storefront operates every second day at the Ma-Me-O Beach location. Students are welcome to attend on any days it is open.  Students are able to take courses at both Store Front and Pigeon Lake Regional School.  There may be some timetable conflicts but possible.

Changes to Storefront for 2018-2019, in with the new out with the old include: Newly painted floors, comfy and more relaxed seating.  New tables and chairs, breakfast snacks and other snacks throughout the day will be provided.  Appliances being added include: Toaster, water cooler, fridge and coffee maker.  We will also be providing better instructional resources. We will have a English and Social specialist teacher during semester 1 and a Math and Science specialist in Semester 2.  Once a month an administrator will be within the building, Family school Liaison and Indigenous Teacher with be putting on presentations and providing supports to students.   If you are interested in Storefront, please contact 780 586 3823.

Importance of Attendance

At Pigeon Lake Regional School we believe that attendance matters.  Please help us help your child be successful by ensuring they attend school regularly. Please see the attached brochure on attendance. 

Attendance Brochure

Bullying Reporting Link

Report a Bullying Incident or Threat to School Safety

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